Three Stripes and You’re Out: A Homemade Lawn Striping Kit

Homemade Lawn Striping Kit

Forget about hiring lawn care professionals. Don’t bother with expensive lawn accessories either.

If you want to give your yard a new look that even Kevin Costner would dream about, you’ll need 10 bucks and 10 minutes of your time to create your very own Lawn Striping Kit.

*Note: This striping kit project is designed for walk-behind lawn mowers.

DIY Striping Kit Supplies

Besides having a lawn mower, you will need approximately $10 on average to purchase the supplies, if you don’t have them lying around the house.

  • 3″-4″ PVC pipe and end caps – length of the pipe should match the cutting width (inches) of your lawn mower.
  • Zip ties – get the long zip ties so you won’t have to use as many.
  • Sand – sand is best to fill the pipe, but dirt, rocks, and even water could also work.

Striping Kit Installation Steps

1.) Grab the pvc pipe and end caps.

2.) Fill the pipe with sand (or other material) and secure the end caps.
 Fill PVC pipe

3.) Position the pipe behind the mower where you want it to sit. (Where it will be dragged)

4.) Attach a zip tie on both ends of the pipe.

5.) Add additional zip ties on either ends until they connect to the part of the handle bar that is directly above the position of the pipe. Make sure the pipe stays on the ground as you adjust each zip tie.Attach Zip ties

6.) Take it for a test drive. Adjust the zip ties accordingly if one side is higher than the other. Zip ties can either be cut, or you can use the tip of a flat head screw driver to disengage the zip tie clip.
lawn kit finished

Using 3-4 inch pvc pipe prevents the lawn mower from backing over it when you pull it in reverse. The variation you can tinker with is where you attach the zip ties.

Feel free to customize your striping kit to best fit your machine. You’ll now be able to create those awesome patterns, like stripes, waves, checkerboard, and more.

Big League Lawn

If you didn’t understand the Kevin Costner reference, you need a Field of Dreams movie night. Baseball fields are where some of the most spectacular and unique lawn striping patterns are made, but they’re all done by professionals. With this DIY striping kit, you won’t need the approval of the Yankees to mow pin stripes in your grass.

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